Friday, May the 26th

09.30-09.45Opening Ceremony
09.45-10.30Opening Lecture: The role of soft tissue management in periodontology and implantology
Mariano Sanz
10.30-11.05Aesthetic therapy of altered passive eruption
Rino Burkhardt
11.05-11.40Coffee break
11.40-12.15Orthodontic tooth movement and development of gingival recession
Christos Katsaros
12.15-12.50Augmentation of keratinized tissue at tooth and implant sites; which is the most predictable procedure?
Otto Zuhr
12.50-13.20Panel Discussion – Q&A
14.40-15.15Connettive tissue graft substitutes for the treatment of multiple gingival recession
Giovanna Laura Di Domenico
Speaker and Contents
15.15-15.50The impact of the orthodontic retainer on the development of buccal/lingual recession in lower incisors: “The wire syndrome”
Sofia Aroca – Catherine Galletti
15.50-16.30Coffee break
16.30-17.05Grafts vs. regenerative materials
Stefan Fickl
17.05-17.40The cervical area in the esthetic zone: The importance of restorative / periodontal relationship
Mauro Pedrine Santamaria
Speaker and Contents
Video presentation
17.40-18.15The use of connective tissue graft in root coverage procedures
Massimo de Sanctis
18.15-18.45Panel Discussion – Q&A

Saturday, May the 27th

09.00-09.35Periodontal regeneration in large/unconventional bony defects and the impact of soft tissue management/flap design
Filippo Graziani
09.35-10.10Mini-invasive approach to intra bony defects
Leonardo Trombelli
10.10-10.45Root coverage of recessions in mandible: Rationale and surgical techniques
Anton Sculean
10.45-11.15Coffee break
11.15-11.50The minimally invasive approach in esthetic mucogingival surgery, mith or reality?
Francesco Cairo
11.50-12.25Soft tissue management in early implant placement
Daniel Buser
12.25-13.00Effects of soft tissue augmentation procedures on peri-implant health or disease
Mario Roccuzzo
Speaker and Contents
13.00-13.35The treatment of soft tissue recession around implants
Giovanni Zucchelli
13.35-14.00Panel Discussion – Q&A
14.00Closing Remarks
Massimo de Sanctis